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Virtual Toolbox for Tradesmen | Clockwork Contractor

Clockwork Contractor

A virtual toolbox
for the trade

What is Clockwork Contractor?

A Virtual toolbox for the trade.

If you are a sole trader or ltd company in the construction industry the clockwork contractor app will stream line your business operations into one organised easy to use app. Quotations to invoices along with all business/project management our app has the tools to allow you to operate like clockwork.

Who is it for?

The app is built with the flexibility to suit sole traders or large ltd companies working in the construction industry.





the virtual toolbox for tradesman Clockwork-Contractor_Plasterer








Quoting just got faster

The app comes fully loaded with a quotation library for your trade.

Do you get behind on your paperwork?

Can’t find that quotation you thought you did for Mr and Mrs Smith?

Did you get paid for that extra work you did on a project?

I have won double the work due to its professionalism when delivering quotations. It’s very easy to use and recommend it to all. 


Business people on a coffee break

What DOES Clockwork Contractor DO?

When you have multiple projects running, quoting for new projects, amending quotations and invoicing we know how busy your mind can be.

Let Clockwork Contractor simplify that for you and give you the clear mind you need to focus on site and the tools to grow your company whilst keeping control.




3 versions of the applicaton

When you compare the costs associated with full or part time administration employees the cost of Clockwork Contractor is very attractive.


Billed per month

Generate super fast quotations
Images of your previous work auto sent with quotations to client
Client data base
Track project stages


Billed per month

Everything in the SILVER version plus:

Client information database
Track project profits
Generate super fast invoices
Project management module
Extra works capture client signature
Client portal
Client project payment plans
SMS text message alerts
Project certification storage


Billed per month

Everything in the SILVER & GOLD version plus:

Employee and sub contractor
payment module
Business accounting overview module
Business performance reports
Internal company communication and conversation thread with clients
Tax saving module

*Initial set up fee subject to user location and request, please get in touch for further details.

See how EASY THE clockwork
contractor app is to use

We have a selection of video demos that you can view. These go into detail about how you can save time and money by using the Clockwork Contractor App. The virtual toolbox for tradesman can save you time and money, to find out more contact us or watch the videos.

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For more information about the Clockwork Contractor App or to discuss a full demo then please call us on 01249 661258 or email us >


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Drop us a line to find out more about our app. We will get back to you as soon as we can.